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‘Interstitial Space' installation from Soo Sunny Park (2000)
Using the body measurement of the U.S. male (according to the survey of yr.1999) an Average Joe’s body volume is calculated (which is equal to 2.5 of max. blown 12” clear balloons).  The number is then compared and equally paired with the total sum of the interstitial space (V) between the clear balloons in the steel structure.  This steel “hallway” is constructed with the architectural standard measurements for doors (3.5’x7’) and hallways (minimum 5’ in width), which are generated by the ergonomics that also apply Average Joe’s body measurements.  As a participant walks through the compressed steel hallway, his body causes the balloons to erupt.  Displacement occurs although the calculated number of space between the balloons/unoccupied space is much greater than the volume of a person.  The counted number of erupted balloons, replenished with the air from the participant’s body, is five times greater than the volume of his body; empirical re-measurement of his body takes place again.

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